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 Graphic Design Rules & Information

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Graphic Design Rules & Information Empty
PostSubject: Graphic Design Rules & Information   Graphic Design Rules & Information EmptySun Dec 22, 2013 10:38 am

What is this forum for?

~ You may ask for comments and criticism on your signature, drawn picture, or other designs.
~ You may vote, comment, rate, or help other users with their designs.
~ You may ask questions regarding photoshop, gimp, and other design related programs.
~You may post here if you would like to have a friendly challenge with another artist or if you would like to just hold a fun competition.
~ You may talk about anything related to graphic design that doesn't already have a specific subforum for it.

Basic Guidelines:

~ When commenting on someones design, please keep it as positive as possible.
~ If you don't like something about it, clearly state what you don't like and provide a suggestion as to how they can fix it.
~ Simply spaming each topic saying that you don't like it is not constructive; it's spam and against the rules.
~ The Site Rules still apply here.

Graphic Art Contests

You may not hold any type of competition that involves fg without approval from Moderator.
Competitions with entry fee must be hosted by a Trusted Tagged person.
If you are holding a competition and there is no entry fee but you are offering a prize, That prize must be held by a trusted/mediator or it's not allowed.
You must ALSO have the approval from a moderator to do so.

There are many different hosting sites out there.
The following is a short compilation of the most commonly used.

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Graphic Design Rules & Information

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