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 Scam Repay Guide

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Scam Repay Guide Empty
PostSubject: Scam Repay Guide   Scam Repay Guide EmptySun Dec 08, 2013 11:05 am

Important information before starting

  • Do NOT ever try and repay a scam without using a repay Moderator . You will most likely have to pay it again with a Moderator.
  • Do NOT try and repay scams without having a repay topic.
  • Do NOT ask other people to post vouches in your topic. Vouches mean nothing.
  • Do NOT make more than ONE topic. It will only cause confusion and slow your repay process down.
  • Do NOT post in other people's topics, even if you think you know the answer.
  • Do NOT pm Rob or other members of the mod team about your case, they will simply send you back to us.
  • You may NOT repay your scams with locked fg, or with fg on a multi account.
  • We will not even discuss unlocking you until your scams are repaid.
  • If you pm a repay Moderator or Admin wait patiently for a reply. We are all busy and will reply when we can.

Scam repayment Steps

Step One
Make a scam repay topic in the Scammer Accusations forum.
- You may bump this topic once every 24 hours.
- Make sure you clearly state that you want to repay your scams. We are not here to force you to repay your scams, we are here to help you repay them once you are ready and willing.

Step Two
A scam repay mediator will post in your topic and pm you with the links to the scams that you have to repay along with the value of each scam. You may only repay using the methods listed below under "repay methods".
- Keep in mind these Moderator are volunteering their time to help you fix the wrongs that you did. Treat them with respect.

Step Three
Repay your scams using one of the methods described below. 
- You may take as much time as you need, but you may ONLY repay using one of the described methods. 
- Any attempts to shortcut or get around the repayment will only prolong the time you are locked.
- Arguing with the Moderator over what scams you have to repay is pointless. You have to repay the scams you are sent. If you argue we will simply wait until you are ready to repay them.

Repay Methods

The methods outlined below are the ONLY options you have for repaying your scams. There are no other ways.

Repaying Scams with forum gold

1. Friend repays your scams with forum gold

  • You talk with your friend about repaying for you and they agree.
    - DO NOT beg random people to repay your scams for you.
  • Your friend sends your repay Moderator enough fg to exactly cover one or more of your scams.
    - We do not take payments towards scams. The fg sent has to be exactly enough to cover specific scams.
    - Make sure your friend puts in the fg message "_______ scam repay". In the blank have them put your jsp account name.
  • The repay Moderator distributes the fg to the victims of the scams, or to Rob in the case that the victim is locked, banned, or has 100% warn.
  • You wait for further instructions.
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Scam Repay Guide

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