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 Scammer Accusation Posting Rules

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Scammer Accusation Posting Rules Empty
PostSubject: Scammer Accusation Posting Rules   Scammer Accusation Posting Rules EmptySat Dec 07, 2013 11:33 pm

Scammer Accusation Rules and Regulations

To keep the forum clean and easy for the moderators to review the cases here are the posting rules for the Scammer Accusation Forum. Violating any of these rules can and may result in warns and suspensions.

Posting Rules:

  • The accuser and accused can only post in your own accusation topics.
  • Never post in another users post unless you are involved in the case.
  • Only one thread per case, Please post all proof in one thread.
  • Only bump your thread once every 24 hours unless you are adding new evidence.

Who can post here:

  • The Accuser (only one topic per case).
  • The Accused (only post in the topic where your being accused).
  • Trusted / Mediator Tagged users.
  • Approved Scammer Accusation Helpers.

Approved Helpers:

  • none at this time

How to become an approved helper:

Please DO NOT pm us to be added here as we will pick and choose those members who are showing interest by helping in other areas of the forum.

Requirements for Approved Helpers:

  • Friendly and willing to help the community
  • 0% warn
  • Know, understand and follow all d4jsp site rules
  • Over 500 posts
  • Active member of d4jsp for more than six months
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Scammer Accusation Posting Rules

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