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 Trade Rules.

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Trade Rules. Empty
PostSubject: Trade Rules.   Trade Rules. EmptyWed Dec 04, 2013 8:35 pm


1. Please keep spamming to a minimum. You will receive warns if you continue spamming after being verbally warned by a Moderator. 
2. No flaming outside Battle floor. This also includes Private Messages and shoutbox(s). 
3. Absolutely no racism, sexism, or pornography
4. Do not bump up old topics, let them die. 
5. Absolutely no torrent, warez or any kind of illegal activities 

Trade Rules: 

1. Do not early bump. Wait 4 hours
2. If your thread is closed, wait 1 hour before reposting it. 
3. Do not steal trades. 
4. Do not make fake offers. 
5. You trade at your own risk, if an item poofs or you are scammed, Only post if you have sufficient proof here: Scammer Accusations 
6. Anyone caught repeatedly selling unperm item as perms will be banned 
7. Ubers are allowed. 
8. You may not have more than 4 threads anytime on the first page of any trading forum. Extra threads will be closed and you may be warned. 

If you notice someone breaking these Rules, Please *Report* the post to a moderator by clicking 'Report' located in the top right of the post and move on. 
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Trade Rules.

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